Tasteful Typography Project

Tasteful Typography Project
The finished product.


Tasteful Typography Screenshot
Screenshot of my project in Microsoft Word.


Process:  I found the scripture quote that I wanted to use, then I searched for images online that would invoke a feeling of peace.  I searched for nature settings to do so, until I found the one that best fit.  I wanted the message to be the peace that coming unto Christ can bring.  My audience is anyone who needs to feel a little peace in their lives or who need or want a little spiritual boost.  After I found the image I wanted to use, I opened it in Microsoft Word, enlarged it to fill the page, then flipped it to a landscape layout.  I created a text box for scripture, and a separate text box for the word “peace”.  I put a design element of a small circle on either side of the word “peace,” and I matched the color to a pink in the sunset.  I contrasted my typefaces by using two different font styles, and by making the title larger as well.

Critique Report:  I poste my design on our class Facebook page on Monday, and I received feedback from Christina Garrick and April Bethea.  I also emailed my design to Ben Harker on Tuesday and received his feedback.  I submitted my design on the Notes page in I-Learn on Monday and received feedback from Sister Peterson Wednesday night.  April, Christina and Ben all thought that my original design element was too subtle, so I enlarged it a bit.  April and Sister Peterson both noticed that the first two letters of my title had been unintentionally bolded, so I fixed that.  April also notice that I had an extra space in front of one of my words, so I removed that as well.  April suggested trying for a more perfect alignment of my title and body copy, so I attempted to correct that.  April and Sister Peterson both recommended that I put the scripture reference the same size as the rest of my body copy, so I put it at 11 point as well.  Ben thought that the title at the bottom of the page drags your eyes away from the design, but I liked the way that it felt to me, and Sister Peterson said it was like the water was flowing to the words, so I kept it the same.  Ben also suggested a semi-transparent whit box behind the text to improve the visibility of the words.  I played around with it a bit, but nothing felt right, and Sister Peterson didn’t mention anything about it, so I left it as it was.  Sister Peterson said that the edge of “P” in my title seemed to be leading to a dot, and recommended that I slightly move my other dot to make it look as though the end of the “e” was doing the same, so I adjusted that.  She also recommended that I add another dot for additional repetition, so I placed another, smaller one just before the body copy started.

Link to Image:  http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Nature/Other/wallpaper-28560.htm

Font Name/Category:  Title:  Lucida Calligraphy, Script; Body Copy:  Footlight MT Light, Oldstyle




Please forgive the poor photo quality, as well as my childish drawing skills.  I am currently 1700 miles away from home (Arizona), in Indiana.  We had snow the other day, which was my inspiration for this gestalt activity.  The basic shape that I used was a diamond.  I repeated it using different sizes, and gave the snowflake an overall diamond shape as well.