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Outside Light
Outside Light
Inside Light
Inside Light
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Lead Room
Lead Room


For my outdoor photos, I went to a park, a farm and the train tracks, all near my home.  I was happy that my daughter sat still enough for me to photograph her for my indoor lighting shot.  I didn’t have a lot of time outside to be able to perfect my foreground and background shots, so I worked with what I had on hand at home- toys.  I think they turned out quite well for having a toddler jumping on my back and a baby crawling on me!  I used the train as my shot for the lead room, because it’s facing into the photo with room to move.  The alfalfa bale is on a vertical third line in the farm photo, but it’s mostly made up of horizontal third lines, with the different layers of the farmland and the mountains.

In Lightroom, I just started out by playing around with the different settings to try to get a feel for them and what they did.  It was really hazy and dusty out, so I loved that I was able to use the dehazer to make the mountain clearer in my farm shot.  I also used the awesome synchronize shortcut to copy my adjustments from the foreground photo to the background photo.  The lighting wasn’t the greatest for those shots, so I was able to brighten in up a bit.  My favorite edit is the photo of my daughter.  I thought it was a decent profile shot to begin with, with the light from the patio on her face, but there was some shadowy furniture in the background that distracted a bit, and I was able to put that into deeper shadow.

After edits, I resized the images, added a watermark and exported them.  It did take me quite a while to get started in Lightroom; I was having some technical trouble.  But one google search and a couple quick setting changes, and I was good to go!


Social Media Marketing Project: Infographic

Company: Southwest Airlines

Objective: Increase loyalty and attract new customers

Strategy: This infographic will be posted on the company Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a call to action:  Everyone who signs up for a Rapid Rewards card within the next 30 days will receive 3x miles for any tickets purchased within the first 3 months.  To encourage the infographic to be shared by those who already hold the card as well as others, all those who share the post will be entered to win two round-trip tickets to their destination of choice.


Process and Reasoning: I chose to stick with Southwest’s colors, because they are easily recognizable as part of the company’s brand.  I did want to highlight the no-fees aspect of Southwest’s business model, because that appeals to a lot of people, but I wanted to put more focus on their customer service, toward the top, because that is how a company can gain true customer loyalty.  My infographic audience is anyone who flies and is not yet a loyal Southwest customer.  The strategy also appeals to loyal customers too because they can win the tickets through sharing the post.

Critique: Shay Sookhoo critiqued my infographic on Facebook on Wednesday.  She pointed out that the plane wing cut into the “t” in Southwest, in the middle heading.  Sister Peterson said she liked that, but to add a dropshadow to the heading to make it stand out from the wing, and also to add one to the main title to make it pop.  Unfortunately, I could find no dropshadow tool in piktochart.  Instead, I decided to move the wing away from the middle heading.  Sister Peterson also pointed out that my red on blue was hard on the eyes, so she recommended changing the red that was on the blue to a blue of a different value that was monochromatic to the blue I was using.  I decided to go with somewhat of a sky blue, since it’s for an airline company.  Sister Peterson also pointed out a couple of tangents, which I worked to improve.  At her recommendation, I also adjusted the spacing in the top triangles to try to match each other better.  I decreased the size of the middle heading and graphics at Sister Peterson’s recommendation, as well as increasing the size of the plane to go for a bit more asymmetry.

Images: Southwest logo; Luggage; Calendar

11A Magazine Spread Content

I am doing a magazine spread for the Ensign. My audience is for anyone reading who may have need for encouragement during a time, or who may struggle with hearing the voice of the Lord. I wrote about an experience that I had several years ago, that I think about when I begin doubting myself. I have a quote from Elder Rasband that I will be using as a subsection as well.

Story:  Drawing Upon a Special Experience

Despite being a member of the Church for more than a decade, at times I still struggle with understanding personal revelation and promptings. During these times, I like to think about an experience that helps me to feel confident that I can hear the voice of the Lord.

Several years ago I attended a fireside at my bishop’s home. Ward members were gathered outside on a warm evening, enjoying snacks and listening to the wisdom of our bishop and his wife. I honestly can’t remember all that was said. However, I will never forget the moment our bishop asked us to think of someone that we admire—someone that we look up to and want to be like.

Immediately into my mind came the image of an amazing sister from my ward. She was a true spiritual giant, and her devotion to building the kingdom of God on earth and her sweet, quiet demeanor were inspiring to me.

While I greatly admired this woman, the interesting thing was that I didn’t think of her.  Her image simply came into my mind. Additionally, the thought came into my mind that I should write her a letter and tell her how amazing she is.

Instinctually, I reined myself in. Whoa! I thought.  Don’t be weird. She’ll think you’re dumb. She knows how awesome she is; she doesn’t need you to tell her.

Later at home, I told my husband about receiving the image and the thought. I told him I thought it was a prompting, but I was beginning to have doubts. What if it all just came from inside me and I wrote her this letter and I looked like a total idiot?

My husband pointed out that this woman really was so awesome that she would not think I was an idiot. He also paraphrased Moroni 7:13 which says: “But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore everything that enviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve Him, is inspired by God.”

With this comfort, I chose to step into the darkness of the fear of potential social embarrassment.  I wrote this sweet sister a brief letter. I spoke of my admiration for her as a mother and as a leader within the Church. I told her of my appreciation of her example and my desire to cultivate the attributes she possessed. Gathering my courage, I mailed it.

A week or two later I was in the foyer at church and was approached by this sister’s husband. He thanked me for the letter I sent to his wife, and told me that she really needed to hear those things. He said he’d been trying to reassure her in her feelings of inadequacy, but was unsuccessful because, of course, that’s just what husbands are supposed to do.  With a hug, he told me that my letter was exactly what she needed to hear.

I was so grateful for this confirmation that I had indeed received and acted upon a prompting from the Lord. I had never had an experience like this before. I had always found myself questioning and wondering, was that really from the Lord, or was that just me?

I felt so blessed by this experience, which helped me to better identify what spiritual promptings feel like. I poured out my heart in gratitude to the Lord, for allowing me to be an instrument in His hands to help uplift this sister, and also for confirming to me that it was indeed a prompting from Him.

During my times of self-doubt, I draw upon this special experience and remember that I can hear His voice.

From Elder Rasband:  “Our personal journey through life provides us with many special experiences that become building blocks of faith and testimony. These experiences come to us in vastly different ways and at unpredictable times. They can be powerful spiritual events or small enlightening moments…In these days of worldly intrusions into our lives, when trials and difficulties may seem to engulf us, let us remember our own special spiritual experiences. These building blocks of faith will bring us conviction and reassurance of a caring, loving Father in Heaven, of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”





Woman working in a coffee shop

Elder Rasband

Links to Images:

Letter Writing

Elder Rasband

Slide Design Project

Slide Design Power Point


Speaker’s Outline:

  1. Life is a gift
    1. Individual purpose
    2. Birth part of plan
    3. Divine nature = gift with love of a parent
    4. Here to nurture/discover seeds of divine nature within us
  2. Why we’re here
    1. Build His Kingdom and prepare for Second Coming
    2. Divine nature refined and magnified by efforts to draw near Him
    3. Divine nature isn’t based on earth-things
    4. Divine nature was established in heaven
  3. We are loved
    1. Identify with divine nature as we feel and give His love
    2. Look out through a window, not just into a mirror
    3. Validation is vertical, not horizontal
  4. We learn
    1. Divine nature breathes desire to know eternal truths for ourselves
    2. Pray to feel his love
    3. He knows us
    4. Divine nature allows us to be a trusted disciple
    5. When we see divinity in ourselves, we begin to see it in others
  5. We serve
    1. Divine nature breathes into us a desire to serve
    2. Story of the old man in Ethiopia carrying the orphan 25 miles
    3. Divine nature within us ignites our desire to reach out and prompts us to act
  6. Conclusion
    1. The spirit whispers peace to our divine nature
    2. Prophets’ words resonate with divine nature and give us strength to follow
    3. Sacrament breathes hope into our divinity
    4. Seek to discover depth of divine nature within you to further magnify it



I read this talk just the other day and it really spoke to me and was exactly what I needed to hear that day.  I decided I wanted to use it for this project, so I began looking for some photos that matched some of the strong visual words used in the talk.  I found a black and white photo that I loved, and so I decided I wanted to go with that monochromatic color scheme because I feel that it’s simple yet powerful.  My audience is women of all ages.  I sketched out my photos with the words and design element as shown below.




While not a critique on my slide show, I want to give a shout out to Becca Hancock for some excellent help in figuring out some technically challenging formatting issues.

Meghan Farner and Rachel Pearson critiqued my slide show on Facebook on Wednesday.  Meghan suggested putting the word “love” in the heart, and since Sister Peterson felt that the text was a bit crammed on that slide, I decided to go with it, and I also eliminated a couple words to help with that too.  Rachel recommended adding color to the text.  However, I was really digging the black-and-white monochromatic color scheme and Sister Peterson said it worked well, so I left that alone.  Sister Peterson also recommended that I should be more consistent with my text placement in relationship to the edges of the slides, so I went back in and tweaked several of my slides to fix that.  She also recommended only one of the words “pop” on each slide, so I changed “refine” to the smaller text.


Link to the talk:  https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2015/10/discovering-the-divinity-within?lang=eng

Fonts:  Dancing Script OT (Script) and Caviar Dreams (Sans Serif)

Links to Images: GiftSeedsSnowflakesLovePrayFireBeach

Event Flier

The finished product.
The finished product.
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot of my project in Microsoft Word.

Process:  I felt like doing some sort of Christmas theme, so I looked for images of lights that were simple and beautiful, with space for my design.  I decided to go with a monochromatic color scheme, using brick.  The audience I was going for was really broad to encompass anyone really, but I wanted to give it a tasteful, classy feel.   My first draft was greatly helped by some awesome critiques.

Critiques:  Originally, my smaller text boxes were differing shades on the brick scale.  However, Shawdee Snow, Meghan Farner and Sarah Bringhurst all suggest that I stick with the same whitish shade that I had used for the title, so I switched that.  Shawdee also had the amazing idea to make my original boxy text boxes into circles to unify the design, which I did.  Brent Fisher suggested adding a touch more yellow to my text boxes to better pull together the colors.  I also had a vertical design element line in my title text bubble and he recommended making it horizontal.  I tried that, but neither way felt right, so I just eliminated it.  Brent said that my smaller boxes’ rag went in and out and suggested I shape the text to match the shape of the circle, so I did.  Sister Peterson said that for our project she would like to see us practice alignment other than center, so I made the date and time circle right alignment and the more information circle left alignment.  I also took her suggestion and grouped my date and time together better, as well as used typography to add some contrast and interest.  I increased the size of the date numbers and made them into the same font I used in my title.  Also at her suggestion, I decreased the font size of “Amherst Village” in the title.  Christina Carrick felt the alignment was a little random, and Sister Peterson said that the logo seemed to be random.  I had put it there because the image contained one blue orb that I felt was distracting to the design and I wanted to cover it up.   However, I placed a shape over top of it and tried to match the color so that it created a little patch.  I then moved the logo to center align it under the light orbs in the photo, diagonal align it from the date and time just as is the more info box, and align to the right of the more info box.

Link to Image:  http://wallpapercave.com/christmas-lights-wallpaper

Font Name/Category:  Title:  Vladimir Script/Script; Body Copy:  Rockwell/Slab Serif