Event Flier

The finished product.
The finished product.
Screenshot (2)
Screenshot of my project in Microsoft Word.

Process:  I felt like doing some sort of Christmas theme, so I looked for images of lights that were simple and beautiful, with space for my design.  I decided to go with a monochromatic color scheme, using brick.  The audience I was going for was really broad to encompass anyone really, but I wanted to give it a tasteful, classy feel.   My first draft was greatly helped by some awesome critiques.

Critiques:  Originally, my smaller text boxes were differing shades on the brick scale.  However, Shawdee Snow, Meghan Farner and Sarah Bringhurst all suggest that I stick with the same whitish shade that I had used for the title, so I switched that.  Shawdee also had the amazing idea to make my original boxy text boxes into circles to unify the design, which I did.  Brent Fisher suggested adding a touch more yellow to my text boxes to better pull together the colors.  I also had a vertical design element line in my title text bubble and he recommended making it horizontal.  I tried that, but neither way felt right, so I just eliminated it.  Brent said that my smaller boxes’ rag went in and out and suggested I shape the text to match the shape of the circle, so I did.  Sister Peterson said that for our project she would like to see us practice alignment other than center, so I made the date and time circle right alignment and the more information circle left alignment.  I also took her suggestion and grouped my date and time together better, as well as used typography to add some contrast and interest.  I increased the size of the date numbers and made them into the same font I used in my title.  Also at her suggestion, I decreased the font size of “Amherst Village” in the title.  Christina Carrick felt the alignment was a little random, and Sister Peterson said that the logo seemed to be random.  I had put it there because the image contained one blue orb that I felt was distracting to the design and I wanted to cover it up.   However, I placed a shape over top of it and tried to match the color so that it created a little patch.  I then moved the logo to center align it under the light orbs in the photo, diagonal align it from the date and time just as is the more info box, and align to the right of the more info box.

Link to Image:  http://wallpapercave.com/christmas-lights-wallpaper

Font Name/Category:  Title:  Vladimir Script/Script; Body Copy:  Rockwell/Slab Serif


9 thoughts on “Event Flier

  1. This flyer is so visually appealing! The repetitive use of circles for your text boxes works perfectly with this image and makes it feel soft and elegant. Your font choices work great, especially the main title font, which continues that feeling of elegance. Your logo on the right side under the string of orange lights looks like it was meant to be there, and I really like the way you’ve displayed the date and time of the event. Last of all, the colors work really well for this piece, and the lighter cream color you’ve created for your text boxes keep my attention on the important information. Great job!


  2. Chris,

    You did a great job with this post! I think the changes that you made from your rough drafts to the final project were very well done. I was first a bit skeptical about the lines above and below the body text of the flier, but then I tried to imagine the flier without them and it became obvious that they help the flier. You did a really good job. Thanks for sharing.




  3. Chris great job! I really enjoyed the work done and the message of the project. I noticed the repetition made in the project. Theres a glistening feel of the event and it demonstrates the idea of the Christmas theme that fits with font added as well.


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