Social Media Marketing Project: Infographic

Company: Southwest Airlines

Objective: Increase loyalty and attract new customers

Strategy: This infographic will be posted on the company Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a call to action:  Everyone who signs up for a Rapid Rewards card within the next 30 days will receive 3x miles for any tickets purchased within the first 3 months.  To encourage the infographic to be shared by those who already hold the card as well as others, all those who share the post will be entered to win two round-trip tickets to their destination of choice.


Process and Reasoning: I chose to stick with Southwest’s colors, because they are easily recognizable as part of the company’s brand.  I did want to highlight the no-fees aspect of Southwest’s business model, because that appeals to a lot of people, but I wanted to put more focus on their customer service, toward the top, because that is how a company can gain true customer loyalty.  My infographic audience is anyone who flies and is not yet a loyal Southwest customer.  The strategy also appeals to loyal customers too because they can win the tickets through sharing the post.

Critique: Shay Sookhoo critiqued my infographic on Facebook on Wednesday.  She pointed out that the plane wing cut into the “t” in Southwest, in the middle heading.  Sister Peterson said she liked that, but to add a dropshadow to the heading to make it stand out from the wing, and also to add one to the main title to make it pop.  Unfortunately, I could find no dropshadow tool in piktochart.  Instead, I decided to move the wing away from the middle heading.  Sister Peterson also pointed out that my red on blue was hard on the eyes, so she recommended changing the red that was on the blue to a blue of a different value that was monochromatic to the blue I was using.  I decided to go with somewhat of a sky blue, since it’s for an airline company.  Sister Peterson also pointed out a couple of tangents, which I worked to improve.  At her recommendation, I also adjusted the spacing in the top triangles to try to match each other better.  I decreased the size of the middle heading and graphics at Sister Peterson’s recommendation, as well as increasing the size of the plane to go for a bit more asymmetry.

Images: Southwest logo; Luggage; Calendar


One thought on “Social Media Marketing Project: Infographic

  1. Your project really came out good! I was nervous doing the infographics but this made it seem like it was a piece of cake. I liked how the layout came together and had a flow. I could definitely see this as a marketing infographic that would be used. Great job!


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