Movie Poster Project


Process:  I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do for this project- I was pretty overwhelmed just thinking about it!  I started thinking about what I love to watch, and so decided to go with a poster for a Doctor Who movie.  My audience is my team for the company that hired me, wanting to get to know me.  I started with a photo of the character of Clara Oswald next to the TARDIS and a Christmas tree.  I cut my face out of a photo I took of myself (after having made some adjustments in Lightroom) and put it in the photo.  I did some burn and dodge to add highlights and shadows to my face to better match the original.

Critique Report:  Jaclyn Stephens and Becca Hancock critiqued my movie poster on our class Facebook page on Wednesday.  Jaclyn suggested that I separate my text and put some above the photo—she recommended the title, but Becca recommended putting my name as main actor above the photo, so I went with that option.  Both of them also suggested adding more movie details at the bottom, such as writer, producer, etc, so I did that as well.  Sister Peterson recommended burning around the hair a bit, because there was a bit of a halo effect going on, as well as adding a bit of a shadow to the right side as well, both of which I did.

Images:  I took the photo of myself; Clara and the TARDISBBC Films logo

Fonts:  Title- Doctor Who Regular (decorative) and Eras Demi ITC regular (sans serif); Body Copy- SF Movie Poster Regular (sans serif)


3 thoughts on “Movie Poster Project

  1. Hi Chris, I really love what you did for this project! It looks amazing!! I think you did a fantastic job of imposing your face on the body.. I did that on my poster too, and so I know that it isn’t easy. But yours looks so great! The Dr. Who font is perfect and all of it is just so fun. Especially the part where you say that “she’s got a brand new face.” Haha. I love it! Great job!!

    Have you seen Sierra’s poster?

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