Magazine Spread Project

Having completed sketches, chosen photos and written body copy in a previous lesson, I felt much less overwhelmed for this project!  I chose my favorite sketch and created a shape map in InDesign, as seen below.  My color scheme was noted in the top photo box.  From there, I started placing my images and text, as well as adjusting font styles and sizes, and colors.  As with all new software, there has been a real learning curve for InDesign, but I think my experience learning other Adobe products has helped, along with many tutorials!  I greatly appreciate all those who critiqued my work through the process and all their awesome suggestions!

Top Sketch
Top Sketch
Shape Map
Shape Map

Here is my final project after all of my edits.  Again, I had some really wonderful critiques by peers, my instructor, and even some friends!  The audience this was created for was those who read the Ensign, and I think it came out with that same type of feel that you find in that magazine.

Final Product
Final Product

Below is a video of me talking a bit about my project and the process of creating it.

Critique:  I got a critique from Becca Hanson on Facebook, on Thursday, as well as from Sister Peterson on Thursday.  Some friends also offered critiques via my Facebook fan page.  Becca suggested tightening up my pull-out quote, and Sister Peterson also mentioned there was a video on the left side of my pull-out quote, so I took their suggestions and tightened up the quote box, and I ensured there were no widows anymore.  Sister Peterson also recommended right aligning my byline with the title of the article, so I went ahead and did that as well.

Fonts:  Title: Caviar Dreams (Sans Serif) and Dancing Script OT (Script); Body Copy: Calibri (Sans Serif)

Image Sources:  Elder RasbandWoman Writing


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