Final Portfolio

Process: My audience for this portfolio is potential employers.  First, I ranked my projects in the order I liked them so that I could place them with my favorites first. Then, I searched for a background for my slides.  I saw the clouds, and I just loved them.  I absolutely love clouds and dark rainy days, and so I felt they were a good reflection of my personality.  As I was creating an intro and conclusion slide, the wording of the conclusion slide came to me, and it fit well with the image of the clouds.  I inserted my photos as jpgs onto the slides, added a color bar with the titles, saved it as a PDF, converted the PDF to jpgs and inserted the new jpg slides into a new powerpoint project which I then uploaded to SlideShare.

Critique:  Megan Randall critiqued my portfolio on Facebook on Tuesday.  She said she felt that the typography going off of my color bar made it look less professional.  However, Sister Peterson said she thought it worked, in her critique, because many of the slides did it and it was unified.  Sister Peterson pointed out some alignment issues with text on some of the slides, as well as some letters feeling cramped, so I adjusted those.  She also pointed out that some of my slides that had both vertical and horizontal typography had vertical words leading away from the horizontal words, which caused a confusion on which order to read them in.  I adjusted the order and direction of the words so that they flow into each other as they’r supposed to be read.  Sister Peterson also pointed out that I needed to add a  4th slide to my slide design page and said they should all be the same size.  She recommended aligning all my photos from the photographic study on the bottom to reduce the feel of trapped space in my typography on that slide.  She also said I should add my name to the last slide.  I did that, and actually ended up switching my intro and conclusion slides because I felt they worked better that way.


7 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Chris, You have done such a good job throughout the semester. You have definitely grown over the course of the class and it shows in your projects! I love your final portfolio and think it shows your personality. Any future employer will be lucky to have you. Great job!

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  2. You did great job on the portfolio. I like the color tone of the entire presentation; it has that rainy day feel which works great with the background. I also like your quote on your final slide very clever.

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  3. Chris, your final blog post was so well done. I loved the background you chose. It went so beautifully with all you work. It’s been great being in this class with you! Thank you for all your help!

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  4. Your creative typography in this final portfolio is awesome! I also really love the coordinating colors you used on each of your project slides. The background image you use on each slide is perfect with your beginning and ending theme, too. Well done!!

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  5. Very interesting use of font and font sizes throughout the portfolio. I especially liked the first page where it mentioned the BIG in big letters. That really grabs the attention of the audience and almost speaks out loud, which is the ultimate compliment of using text and fonts correctly. Good work!


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